Market research companies in 2016

When big American search engine marketing companies is embedded in the overall priorities? Why search for them is still a challenge, but at the same time important? To answer these questions, Clutch company conducted a study in conjunction with the Digital-Agency R2integrated (R2i). The study surveyed 500 marketing professionals, as well as the comments given are recognized leaders in the field of search engine promotion. Main results: Search engine optimization is included in the marketing mix, but not a priority. The main problem of marketing – study ROI (ROI). Creating content is simultaneously necessary and, at the same time, very little priority in SEO. According to marketing experts, the volume of traffic – the most important SEO-metric. Almost all experts combine the organic traffic from the search with contextual advertising. The study involved 500 respondents working in the position of marketing staff in companies with number of employees not less…

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Boost your Alexa Ranking with AlexaSurfing


Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing is a very popular way of doing promotion of your business. In today time many people use the internet for various things like bill paying, shopping, searching, connect with friends on different social media platforms and much more. For doing business promotion through the internet is the very efficient way that gives you best result rather than other ways. In digital marketing, you can promote your business through online methods like search engine marketing, social media marketing or PPC, and you ranked your business website orders blog on the main search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. All the search engines had a significant factor that tells every visitor to about your site popularity, these all factors like domain authority, Alexa rank, index number, backlinks and many others. Alexa rank played a critical role for any website or blog. Through Alexa rank people quickly know…

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How to Improve Alexa Rank of your Website – Tips and Tricks


Many people ask us: How can I improve my Alexa Rank? We understand how important this metric is for you and your business. As a public metric, potential advertisers, investors, and partners will look up your Alexa Rank and use it as a way to evaluate the value of your business. For this reason, improvements in your rank can make a real dollars and cents impact on your bottom line. For those of you who are new to Alexa or unfamiliar with the Alexa Rank – it is a single metric that provides a quick summary of a site’s performance (yours or your competitor’s) relative to all other sites on the web. If you aren’t focused on it, you may not be doing everything you can to maximize the value and visibility of your business. In all, the authority of your site on the web is translated as your Alexa…

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Every Blogger/Web Master know the importance of Alexa Rank to drive more advertisers to their websites/blogs these days.For a profitable blogging you must have a good Alexa Rank.Alexa has a pro upgrade since many years but recently they are encouraging many bloggers to upgrade for Pro Membership to take full advantage of accurate site metrics and good Alexa Rank. To test the Alexa Pro features I stepped forward and upgraded for PRO.I think I am one of the very few people on the whole internet who dared and stepped forward to upgrade for pro membership.But after few days I realized that upgrading for pro is not a good option for me  because there was a huge drop in my alexa rank recently.However it was fixed later after contacting with alexa support. What is Alexa Pro? As you know Alexa is owned by Amazon which ranks every website based on some…

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What’s going on with my Alexa Rank?


There are two questions about Alexa traffic rankings that come up quite often: How can my website’s rank be getting worse when my site analytics clearly indicate that I am getting more traffic? Why does the rank of my website jump around? There are two main reasons why ranks change in ways that might not make sense when you look at them. First, the Alexa Traffic Rank of a given website isn’t only based on traffic to the given site, but takes into account the traffic to all sites and ranks sites relative to each other.Since your site is ranked relative to other sites, changes in traffic to other sites affect your site’s rank . The second is something called the “long tail”. Every day, Alexa estimates the average daily visitors and pageviews to every site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and…

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What is Alexa Rank? Am I need it?


Alexa rating is mainly influenced by two parameters: the number of visitors (Reach parameter) and Page Views. Reach shows a percentage of all internet users visited this website. For example, if has Reach about 25%, it means that 25% of all Internet users measured by Alexa visited In this case, my blog has received attention of 0.0045%. Page views are the total number of the website requests made by these users. However, multiple requests of the same URL in one day by one user are considered to be one page view. Yahoo has 2.98% on the average, has 0.000082%. The lower the figure of Alex rank is, the better; now has the maximum of 1 To view website statistics you should use the link: For your sites you should compose URL similar to mine. Also the statistics page contains the following information: Reach Yesterday –…

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Boost your business with impressive Alexa Rank!


In this case, tracks all the details. For example, if a single user visits the same page several times a day, all his visits will be regarded as one. In order to have a good Alexa rank, you have to attract many visitors to your site. That’s why you need our Alexa Surfing service, which is a kind of Alexa auto-surfs. Why Alexa auto-surfs are working Rank Alexa is showing how much traffic website receives. The more traffic your site receives, the lower (and the better) is your Alexa rank. But in this case, Alexa ranking takes into consideration only the views from the users who have installed the Alexa toolbar. Therefore, to improve your Alexa ranking, you need to get as much views from such users. Alexa Surfing is an Alexa traffic exchange website, where you get points by visiting the other members’ sites for 40-70 seconds. These…

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3 myths about Alexa autosurf


Myth 1. Alexa autosurf isn’t aimed at target audience so it is a waste of time Firstly, Alexa autosurf just can be a waste of time, because it works in the automatic mode. If you are using our Alexa Surfing service, you only need to press the “Auto Surf Now” button and the sites will be opened and closed automatically. You can leave your computer on for a few hours and it will give you a better Alexa ranking. However, what about the target audience involvement? The truth is that Alexa autosurf is really focused at improving of Alexa rank, rather than the sales growth. But let’s look at just why you need to improve your Alexa rating? Alexa rank is one of the most trusted ways of evaluating website traffic. Advertisers are much more willing to buy links and banners on the sites with Alexa rank lower than 100,000….

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Monitor your competitors’ website traffic with


Like any other rating, Alexa Rank shows how popular your website is relative to the first place. In other words, the higher your site is in Alexa rating, the lower (the better) is Alexa Rank. For example, 1st place in world rating is taken by Google. See the top 500 sites here. Notice that there is a possibility to see the top sites lists by country and by category. In this article, you will learn how to use this site to analyze your competitors and how it can help you to increase website traffic. Information gathering and analysis gives the opportunity to build a powerful strategy for further promotion of your blog, online store or whatever it is. Want to know why you still unable to overtake your competitors? Learn the secrets of their success, thoroughly analyzing their web traffic. This guide will show you how to gather detailed information…

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Install Alexa toolbar to improve your website ranking


In contrast to such website ranking like Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank does not affect your site position in the search results. Then why is it needed? The point is that when the advertisers are looking for places to promote their products online, it is very important for them to know how popular a site is and who its visitors are. Google does not disclose this data, so the easiest way to find it out – is to check Alexa Rank on If you expect to earn much money by selling advertising banners and links, then a good Alexa Rank (as low as possible) plays an important role for you. In order to improve Alexa Rank you need to install Alexa Toolbar and use Alexa Surfing service. Next, you will learn all about it. What is Alexa Toolbar, and why use it For a start, we have to give…

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